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What is Intelligent Operations?

What is an Intelligent Operations approach?

Intelligent Operations drive efficiencies across your organisation by capturing, connecting and comprehending actionable insight from your dark operations - the hidden activity of your deskless workforce and their interactions with critical equipment and buildings.

Why? Because when you truly understand how your deskless staff work, you identify opportunities to accelerate growth and make savings.

Intelligent operations can be applied in three ways:

  • People: rapidly building and deploying rich digital processes that prompt and guide your workforce on best practice or sensor-triggered activities.
  • Assets: drawing data from an ecosystem of IoT sensors to monitor critical equipment and free your staff to focus on higher value activities.
  • Buildings: understanding the environmental impact of your estate by creating energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable spaces

When people, assets and buildings are unified, it creates new insights for your operations, creating a feedback loop of continual improvement. This is how your organisation will become more adaptable to change, and why intelligent operations serves to eliminate dark operations.

Three pillars of Intelligent Operations

Below, you’ll see specific principles for each pillar of Intelligent Operations, each designed to drive actionable insight and optimise your processes.

Smarter People

From checking back to looking forward

Intelligent Operations replace the archaic checklists that lead to people-driven dark operations.  Designed to check and audit what and when people carry out activities daily, these checklists are challenging to manage, slow to deploy and have no context of the 5 Ws (who, what, why, where and when an action needs to be taken). Static by design, these checklists result in arbitrary work schedules, poor resource utilisation, human error and employee disengagement. 

With Intelligent Operations, static checklists are replaced with rich digital assistants that prompt, guide and capture key activity. Context-aware, these assistants understand what actions need to be carried out, by whom and when. By dynamically responding to their environments using asset sensors and building sensors, digital assistants prompt staff to carry out actions as needed.

Smarter Assets

From manual inspection to real-time data streams

A huge proportion of deskless activity involves manually checking equipment, meters and stock. These checks are vital for food safety and medical compliance but manual inspections are mundane and time-consuming. They distract staff from higher value and more satisfying activities such as customer and patient care. The manual nature of these checks also masks a hidden cost - an inability to identify and pre-empt equipment failure through subtle changes in readings.

In Intelligent Operations, manual inspections of equipment and meters are replaced with real-time data streams from smart asset sensors.  These small, robust sensors are designed for various specialist functions, including hot and cold automated temperature monitoring, smoke detection and particulate detection.  Information streams live from sensors to the cloud and data is analysed in real-time, triggering alerts if an anomaly is detected. Live alerts notify staff members and guide them through specific resolution or escalation steps.


Smarter Buildings

From bricks and mortar to environmental insights

Deskless workers interact with buildings and spaces on a daily basis. From inspection work to maintenance and cleaning intervals, staff are often rostered on arbitrary schedules rather than performing the activities proactively or when needed. These critical but often invisible activities mask huge productivity and energy saving insights and leave organisations vulnerable to risk and unforeseen costs.

Intelligent operations turn building interactions and information into data.   Discreet building sensors can be placed across buildings, streaming live intelligence back to central operations. This gives managers a real-time picture of their space utilisation, resource usage, air quality and general building performance. Combined with real-time digital assistants and data from critical assets, Intelligent Operations give organisations the confidence to respond seamlessly to any organisational change.

The Intelligent Operations framework

As an operations leader, your goal is to drive costs down and revenue up - a result of continual improvement that depends on data-driven feedback from your people, assets and buildings. Intelligent Operations has your back.

Capture the insights generated by your people, assets and buildings.

Capture tools:

  • Digital assistant in handheld device 
  • Digital assistant in app (Android & iOS) 
  • Hot & cold temperature probes
  • Hot & cold temperature sensors
  • Medical grade temperature sensors
  • Discreet building sensors

Connect and deploy best practice to your teams, departments and sites.

Connect tools:

  • Drag & drop workflow builder
  • Shared libraries and templates

Collaborate on shared tasks, escalate issues, and drive improvement.

Collaborate tools:

  • Team workflow
  • Job sharing



Make sense of the hidden insights your people, assets and buildings produce.

Comprehend tools:

  • KPI dashboard
  • Business intelligence
  • Tamper-proof audits

Use Intelligent Operations to streamline your deskless workforce

Checkit's Intelligent Operations platform includes all the tools needed to streamline your deskless workforce. Individually, these tools improve work. Together, they help unlock new opportunities.

By applying this Intelligent Operations framework with the Checkit platform you’ll improve every aspect of your operations and create an engaged workforce that delivers value time and time again.

Ready to make your operations smarter?

Checkit is more than just software – with our Intelligent Operations platform, you get a playbook for team success.