Insurer rewards adopters of food safety technology with reduced premiums

The introduction of ‘black boxes’ in cars was hailed as the beginning of a new era for motor insurance. With the ability to track our behaviour behind the wheel, insurers promised to reward careful drivers with lower premiums. Proponents of the technology argued that it would ultimately lead to safer driving. Three years later, a similar revolution is gearing up in the foodservice sector.

Under a pioneering agreement announced this summer by Checkit and Towergate Insurance, food businesses that implement Checkit’s digital food safety management technology to prompt, monitor and log the completion of daily checks will be eligible for reduced business insurance premiums.

The launch of this ground-breaking initiative represents a formal recognition that the application of innovative cloud-based food safety technology in restaurants, food manufacturing sites, pubs, cafes and other foodservice outlets significantly reduces the risk of food safety incidents – with all the financial and legal consequences that may follow. By adopting the technology, businesses are demonstrating a commitment to compliance, high quality standards, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does it work? Businesses that purchase Checkit’s entry level food safety management system, Checkit Solo, receive a reduction of £60 on their annual business insurance premium with Towergate, which in effect equates to 25% of the annual cost of Checkit.  While businesses using Checkit Professional for multi-site food safety and HACCP management can save £100 on their annual business premium for each location.

Checkit provides a fail-safe cloud-based platform for compliance by automating the scheduling, monitoring and recording of daily checks that are required by the Food Standards Agency and enforced by Environmental Health Officers. Time-consuming pen-and-paper procedures that are prone to error, time-lags and spoilage are effectively replaced with Checkit’s touchscreen handset, automated temperature monitoring devices and data management dashboard.

By collecting and analysing data on a larger scale than ever before, visibility of business operations is improving exponentially. It is little wonder that the insurance sector is leveraging this ability to create insurance packages that are more accurately tailored to the needs and behaviours of particular individuals or companies. As McKinsey noted in a recent report: “Using data is nothing new to insurance carriers and actuaries. Yet the boom in advanced analytics is driving fundamental change.”

At Checkit, we see tremendous scope for further innovation and changes to business models, all driven by hyperconnectivity, which, with the right technology, places valuable, actionable data at the fingertips of decision-makers.


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