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Leisure & Entertainment

It’s a tough time for businesses in the Leisure & Entertainment industry.

Not only is the bar higher than ever for creating memorable experiences – you’re also facing a backdrop of other pressures like high staff turnover, perpetual training demands, seasonal volatility, rising operations costs and the pressure to be seen as a sustainable, eco-friendly brand…

The good news? Every single one of these challenges can be addressed with Checkit solutions.

Leisure & Entertainment

Connected Workflow Management for Leisure & Entertainment

In Leisure & Entertainment, it’s people who make or break the customer experience. So empower them with the right workflow management tools, and the performance insights they need to do their best work.

Food Safety (HACCP)
Front of house
Health & Safety audits
Equipment maintenance routines
Brand audits
Security management

  • Digitize and streamline all your siloed processes with the Connected Workflow Management app – then automatically allocate work to users
  • Integrate bluetooth probes and connect your temperature monitoring data with your workflow data
  • Track progress across the board from anywhere using Checkit Cloud – then set real-time notifications so issues get flagged, and fixed instantly
  • Use our Operational Insights Dashboard to identify any weaknesses in your processes, prove compliance, ensure health and safety and make more data-driven decisions

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Leisure & Entertainment

Minimize appliance downtime by monitoring the assets responsible for food, equipment and other stock in real time – while automating compliance, fixing errors rapidly and saving money through efficiency gains.

Fridge temperature monitoring
Door closure monitoring

  • Use our smart sensors to track everything from the temperature of your food counters to the humidity of your server room, round the clock
  • Configure alerts so issues get flagged immediately – then get real-time diagnostics and next-best-action recommendations
  • Immediately access and share secure, cloud-based reports for painless audits, evidence of compliance and proof of the success of your initiatives

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Connected Building Management for Leisure & Entertainment

Your physical sites are central to your customer’s experience and your ability to create a safe, reliable, and efficient operation. So unite them via one intelligent, cloud-based platform and make efficiency gains across the board with Connected Building Management.

BMS management
Energy management
Building air quality management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Harness real-time data on energy, environment and occupancy across multiple sites for maximum energy efficiency
  • Identify the most efficient and effective operational standards and apply across your whole estate
  • Avoid lengthy and abortive callouts with remote monitoring – receiving instant notifications and diagnostics whenever issues arise
  • Integrate all your BEMS installations to our cloud-hosted, tech-agnostic platform – or install new ones with our installation services
  • Demonstrate success, ensure compliance and enable easy auditing with Checkit Cloud reports

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