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Contract Catering

If you’re in Contract Catering, you’re operating on a knife edge – serving your customers’ customers.

And now that every experience can be turned into a public review, available to millions in seconds, one tiny error or oversight can mean all the difference between a shiny new contract…and a ruined reputation.

See how Checkit solutions can help you boost the security of your Catering brand by optimizing performance across people, assets and buildings.

Contract Catering

Connected Workflow Management for Contract Catering

You need people you can rely on – and they need processes they can rely on. Plus, in such a competitive industry, you need to show your customers that you’re taking care of your business – ensuring food safety and hygiene for staff, visitors and customers. We’ll help you tick all those boxes.

Food Safety (HACCP)
Quality assurance and audits

  • Digital checklists, automated task allocations and real time alerts ensure jobs are being carried out accurately and efficiently
  • Bluetooth probes sync automatically with users’ handsets, so temperature monitoring data gets integrated with workflow data
  • Dashboard and reports will help you reassure clients that your teams are performing to the highest standards – while proving you’re reacting to exceptions for operational efficiency
  • Our collaborative features help you organize and optimize team performance
  • Your data will be automatically uploaded to Checkit Cloud – for easy audit and compliance, secure sharing across teams and access to detailed, long-term insights
  • And thanks to our serverless, cloud-based infrastructure (with the freedom to use public networks), you’ll be able to deploy fast and move between contracts seamlessly 

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Contract Catering

Get the peace of mind of knowing food safety standards and compliance regulations are all being met, automatically.

Fridge temperature monitoring
Door-closure monitoring
Food safety
Stock management

  • Use smart sensors with real-time alerts on all appliances to ensure compliance from delivery to the oven
  • Immediately access and display reports (including cleaning schedules and delivery reports) for painless audits
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, door closure and other metrics accurately and in real-time
  • Get immediate support the second an alert gets generated – from next-best-action recommendations to remote appliance management

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Connected Building Management for Contract Catering

Save money, maximize efficiency and ensure compliance across all your sites.

Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Get real-time insights into energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy across multiple sites
  • Integrate existing BEMS installations (or install new ones) with our tech-agnostic cloud platform
  • Minimise downtime with service availability reporting and alarming
  • Use our reports and analytics to demonstrate compliance and success of your initiatives

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