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Commercial Property & Real Estate

The pressure’s on more than ever to cut costs, reduce wastage, provide transparency to auditors (and occupiers) and maximize workplace wellbeing.

It’s why you need a connected BEMS solution that integrates and analyzes all your data regardless of language. One that ensures smart apportionment of utility costs, with full visibility into energy usage and insight into efficiency opportunities.

Scroll down to see how Checkit solutions can help you tick all those boxes at once.

Commercial Property & Real Estate

Connected Building Management for Commercial Property & Real Estate

The pressure’s on to maximize the valuation of your built assets by attracting (and retaining) the right occupiers, for greater rental yields. It’s why you need buildings that offer flexible working space, high energy efficiency, great indoor air quality and transparent recharging. We’ll help you achieve that.

BMS management
Energy management
Building air quality management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Get real-time data on energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy across your whole estate
  • Easily integrate all your disparate BEMS in our cloud-hosted, tech-agnostic platform – or add new ones using our installation services
  • Use analytics, reports and comprehensive energy audits to ensure you’re optimizing against targets and staying compliant
  • Stop lengthy and abortive callouts with remote monitoring – receiving instant notifications and diagnostics whenever issues arise
  • Get granular energy monitoring coupled with intelligent apportionment for transparent occupier billing
  • Measure occupancy in real time for optimum space allocation and building operation 
  • Ensure events are predicted with continuous remote monitoring – or at worst, fix them before they impact the occupier experience
  • Get deep operational insights and facilitate more informed investment decisions with analytics across all your dispay data streams

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Connected Workflow Management for Commercial Property & Real Estate

Without engaged and productive staff, you’ll never get the best from your machines and appliances. So boost collaboration and ensure peak performance with Connected Workflow Management.

Food Safety (HACCP)
Health & Safety audits
Equipment maintenance routines
Brand audits
Security management

  • Digitize and streamline all your disparate workflows using the Connected Workflow Management app
  • Take advantage of user configurability – so teams can build, test and update workflows in minutes
  • Get real-time visibility into work being done across multiple sites via Checkit Cloud – and set notifications so issues and delays get fixed instantly
  • Leverage analytics so you know exactly where to make improvements for efficiency gains, while demonstrating compliance

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Commercial Property & Real Estate

Get complete oversight of your appliances and identify problems in real-time before they escalate.

Fridge temperature monitoring
Door closure monitoring

  • Use our smart sensors to track everything from temperature and humidity to door closure, round the clock
  • Stop lengthy and abortive callouts with remote monitoring – plus real-time alerts so problems get flagged with engineers instantly
  • Fine-tune appliances remotely – setting and adjusting appliance configurations in the Control Centre
  • Set real-time energy threshold alarms so you stay within sustainable targets across all your sites and ensure compliance automatically

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