Checkit for Healthcare

Healthcare is at a crossroads. The sector faces greater demands on resources, which are shrinking in real terms as budgets remain static or grow at rates below the level of demand.

Checkit is transforming the way healthcare manages food safety, hygiene and facilities tasks through its cloud based automated monitoring and task management system.

Digital checklists for NHS hospitals and healthcare

Interactive Digital Checklists

Improve quality, compliance and patient care

Healthcare runs on Checklists, but printing checklists and manually entering the contents into healthcare IT systems is inefficient adding to costs, errors and unnecessarily tying up management time. Checkit's interactive digital checklist system solves these issues.

Checkit replaces paper-based systems with a centralised, interactive cloud-based way of managing the multitude of important and critical tasks that staff are required to carry out on a daily basis.

Hygiene Management

Improve the efficiency of your hospital services team

Checkit ensures all cleaning and hospital service tasks are carried out the right way, with an audit trail of who did what, where and when.

  • Cleaning schedules are uploaded via a cloud-based control centre
  • Staff are alerted and guided to carry out tasks step-by-step
  • Completed work is automatically time-stamped and recorded in the cloud for audit-ready reporting and compliance

Food Safety

Move from paper to Checkit's hospital food service software to protect patients and your food hygiene rating

How we can help you

  • Control HACCP compliance from the top down
  • Standardise food safety and hygiene compliance procedures
  • Ensure hygiene codes of practice
  • Automated monitoring of critical temperatures
  • Manage teams at multiple locations
  • Early warnings of non-compliance
  • Paperless EHO approved audit-ready records for inspections
Checkit - The Simple Digital Checklist App

Automated Monitoring

Save hours of staff time, protect vital samples

Checkit smart sensors replace manual checks and hours of staff time providing wireless real-time monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, equipment, and door closing from a single cloud system.

There are countless manual facilities management and health and safety checks that can be automated using Checkit. Our smart sensors  send continuous, accurate measurements to the cloud 24/7. Minimal staff resources can be used to monitor conditions via the Checkit control centre.

  • Reduce wastage, improve safety – ensuring fridges and freezers maintain the correct temperature
  • Reduce energy consumption – ensuring building temperatures are optimised to save money
  • Identify maintenance issues early – alerting you to faults in equipment

Case Study - Abcam, Life Sciences   Case Study - Hospital, Blood Sciences

Cloud Reporting

Dramatically reduce management and reporting burden.

Checkit enables managers to take control of the essential tasks and processes involved in meeting your clients’ catering, cleaning and facilities management services from the top down, providing:

  • 100% paperless audit-ready records
  • 24/7 visibility of teams and compliance tasks at multiple locations
  • Real-time alerts and early warnings of non-compliance
  • Consistent codes of practice
Cloud reporting - business management dashboards and data analytics

A few of our delighted customers

From luxury hotels to independent restaurants, food manufactures, hospitals and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.