Checkit for Food Service

The financial impact of getting food safety management wrong is immense. Ensuring that food is stored, cooked, chilled and re-heated correctly - with the appropriate procedures being followed by all staff is vital. Checkit protects your business and food hygiene rating by ensuring your staff carry out these essential tasks, the right way - without fail.

Food safety

Hygiene management

Interactive checklists

Automated monitoring

24/7 real time alerts

Cloud reporting

Protect your business and food hygiene rating

Managing food safety with paper-based systems isn’t enough to avoid a food safety incident or low hygiene rating. It’s also time consuming, costly and prone to creating errors.

  • Pre-installed checklists based on Safer Food Better Business & HACCP management
  • Intuitive touchscreen works in conjunction with temperature probes and automated smart sensors
  • Interactive checklists alert, prompt and guide staff how to carry out food hygiene tasks and corrective actions
  • Automated monitoring of fridges, freezers and door closing reduces wastage and saves hours in staff time
  • Every task and temperature reading is digitally time-stamped, tamper-proof and sent to the cloud
  • Paperless EHO approved audit-ready records for inspections

Do you know if your staff are following your processes? Checkit does.

In an industry where staff turnover is high and wages low, the ability to enforce and record food safety compliance is of utmost importance.

Checkit solves this, enabling you to schedule tasks through a cloud based system that alerts, prompts and guides your staff to carry them out, step-by-step, improving quality of service, reducing risk and your training costs.

Save staff time and food wastage with smart wireless monitoring

How can Checkit’s new generation of smart wireless sensors help you?

  • Save you time, money and eliminate countless hours of staff time by continuously monitoring fridge, freezer and chilled cabinet temperatures, 24/7
  • Cut food wastage by around 20% by using smart sensors to keep fridges and chilled cabinets at the optimum temperature

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The Financial impact of Poor Food Safety Management

UK consumers won’t tolerate poor food hygiene. 75% of people would never visit a food outlet implicated in a poisoning or hygiene incident while it was under the same management... and only 3% would visit even if a trusted friend had recommended it.

If you serve food to the public you must read this report. It’s a wakeup call to any business that underestimates the impact of food safety and hygiene ratings on customer loyalty and profits.

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Approved by Food Enforcement Officers

Produced in partnership with and endorsed by Cambridge City Council food safety team as an approved food safety management system, Checkit builds upon the Food Standards Agency's Safer Food Better Business. This landmark Primary Authority Partnership has been created to help all food businesses to achieve better food safety and hygiene ratings.

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Cloud Reporting

Dramatically reduce management and reporting burden. Faster audits

Checkit enables managers to take control of the essential tasks and processes involved in food safety, hygiene management and temperature monitoring from food delivery to the customers table.

  • 100% paperless audit-ready records
  • 24/7 visibility of teams and compliance tasks at multiple locations
  • Real-time alerts and early warnings of non-compliance
  • Consistent codes of practice

A few of our delighted customers

From luxury hotels to independent restaurants, food manufactures, hospitals and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.


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