Checkit for Food Service

Checkit digitises the management of key aspects of food service operations ensuring your staff carry out essential tasks, the right way - without fail.

It replaces paper checklists with smart apps, automates temperature checks with wireless sensors and provides real time insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

Improve the management of day to day work

Boost productivity, cut risk, improve performance

Checkit digitises the management of key aspects of food service operations.  It replaces paper checklists with smart apps, automates temperature checks with wireless sensors and provides real time insights into what’s working and what isn’t.

Protect and grow revenue

Checkit helps improve consistency and quality of service across businesses, freeing up staff to focus on customer service.

Improve productivity

Digitisation cuts out checks that can be done automatically. It slashes training time, getting workers up to speed quicker, and it cuts out local and regional management admin.

Cut risk

Check tracked and recorded. Fridge and freezer faults alerted. Checkit cuts risk from reducing waste from equipment failures to demonstrating compliance and preventing poor food safety ratings.

Checkit provides continual insights across your business

The Checkit Platform incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring which capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy.  Operational Insight pulls this data together into usable information that gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation.

Manage and monitor routine tasks in real-time with Work management

Customer experience and safety depend on many day-to-day tasks and processes being done right, every time and at the right time. Paper systems just aren’t up to the job.

Checkit takes care of this, enabling you to schedule tasks through a cloud based system that alerts, prompts and guides your staff to carry them out, step-by-step, improving quality of service, reducing risk and your training costs.

fridge and freezer temperatures food hygiene

Save staff time and food wastage with smart wireless monitoring

  • Save time, money and eliminate countless hours of staff time by continuously monitoring fridge, freezer and chilled cabinet temperatures, 24/7
  • Cut food wastage by using smart sensors to keep fridges and chilled cabinets at the optimum temperature

Understand business performance with Operational Insight

Operational Insight pulls together data from Work Management and Automated Monitoring into usable business intelligence for managers, giving an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation, making regional and national managers more productive and able to manage more effectively remotely.

  • Is work being done on time?
  • Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues?
  • Are processes running within specification?
  • Is equipment available and operating?

Checkit makes sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.

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Checkit Operational Insight dashboard - business intelligence

Protect your business with Checkit Compliance Services

Smart compliance management protects your brand and reputation

Checkit provides all round support for businesses to deliver on their Food Safety and Health and Safety compliance commitments, from policy design to implementation to real-time monitoring and support when you need it. The result is a new approach to compliance management. Smart. Easy to use. Continually giving you feedback. Faster to audit and inspect.


  • Confidence that your business is operating in line with legal requirements
  • Smart compliance management - identify and resolve performance problems early
  • Simplified EHO inspections with the right data
  • Access to support and guidance to react to any issues in the right way - from food poisoning allegations through to accidents

The Financial impact of Poor Food Safety Management

UK consumers won’t tolerate poor food hygiene. 75% of people would never visit a food outlet implicated in a poisoning or hygiene incident while it was under the same management... and only 3% would visit even if a trusted friend had recommended it.

If you serve food to the public you must read this report. It’s a wakeup call to any business that underestimates the impact of food safety and hygiene ratings on customer loyalty and profits.

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cambridge city council

Approved by Food Enforcement Officers

Produced in partnership with and endorsed by Cambridge City Council food safety team as an approved food safety management system, Checkit builds upon the Food Standards Agency's Safer Food Better Business. This landmark Primary Authority Partnership has been created to help all food businesses to achieve better food safety and hygiene ratings.

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Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need. There is no complex IT to worry about. Our customer service team is on hand to give you great support.

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