Checkit Solo - pricing plans

Our Solo range is aimed at entrepreneurs and single site businesses.

It's perfect for independent food businesses including: restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs, schools and caterers.

Start with our Solo plan, add customisable checklists with Solo+ or incorporate automated temperature monitoring with Solo+AM.

Checkit is simple to use and it isn't daunting to implement - it's delivered as a service that gets you up and running fast and grows as you need. There is no complex IT to worry about and our customer service team is on hand to give you great support.




Platform functionality
Maximum number of sites One One One
Secure cloud storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email alerting Y Y Y
Work Management
Digital checklist application Y Y Y
Pre-built SFBB checklists Y Y Y
Additional custom checklists N Y Y
Work and alert reporting Y Y Y
Automated Monitoring
Wireless sensor network N N Y
Wireless sensors - temperature, humidity, door sensors N N Y
Configurable sensor alerts for high/low temperatures N N Y
Annual Option (paid annually in advance)
Initial fee £200 set up £200 set up
Annual fee £200 £250
Monthly Option - minimum contract 1 month
Initial fee £200 set up £200 set up £499 set up
Monthly fee £20 £25 £49.99
2 yearly sensor swap* - - £199
Automated Monitoring installation  - - Included
Checklist set up service.
To set up custom checklists
N £45 per checklist £45 per checklist
System overview training package
(all customers)
£150 pp, last Friday of every month at Checkit’s Cambridge office

All prices exclude VAT
*Sensors will require replacement every two years to ensure calibration and performance.
Other hardware included as shown. Replacements to be ordered separately.

For multi-site and larger customers please see our Professional and Enterprise plans