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Find out what our customers are saying about Checkit and the benefits they are seeing. For a more indepth overview you can download some of our customer case studies.

Take Away: Perfect Pizza, Cambridge

“The great thing about Checkit is that it’s very convenient and really easy for anyone to use.”

Our checks are done in half the time, saving a lot of admin and paper.”

It makes life much easier and gives you the confidence that everything is in place for our next inspection.”

Viresh Patel, owner

Restaurant: Nana Mexico

For me as a business owner, Checkit has brought huge peace of mind. This technology helps me to keep an eye on everything at once."

"It's simple for staff to operate and it helps me control the business. Nothing gets overlooked with Checkit”

"The issue that was causing me most concern was that since opening a second restaurant I wasn't able to monitor both kitchens simultaneously. I wanted to gain greater control and see what was happening throughout the business even when I wasn't on the premisies."

Luis Navarro, Founder

Take Away & Restaurant: Tir a Mor

“We installed Checkit and it has completely changed the way we run things for the better.”

“From the management point of view, Checkit saves a lot of time. Before this, I had to spend a lot of time managing the paperwork, for example copying the paper checklists before going on holiday.”

“When I’m away, I get an email alert if something is wrong and can ring the shop and make sure that things are corrected straight away.”

Wyn Williams, owner

Mobile Catering: Howe & Co. Fish and Chips

“Checkit is a digital food safety management system approved by food inspectors. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never go back to paper diaries or checklists.

“I was running my first online food check within half an hour of unpacking my Checkit handset. For the price it is a no brainer!

Checkit comes pre-programmed with all the checks that you’re legally obliged to do."

Franchise Owner

Retail: Odling Brothers - Butcher, deli and grocer

Checkit certainly takes the pressure off and frees up time. No one likes doing paper work but it is essential that we have the records. I’m all for making life easier with technology.

To me it’s the reassurance that the records can’t be tampered with."

"As a manager you know that you are compliant with legislation and can present the necessary information to an EHO at any time.”

Odling Brothers

See some of our customer case studies

checkit case studyFind out how our customers are using Checkit - the benefits it provides, efficiency savings it creates and productivity gains it brings.