Checkit's Digital Food Safety System gets rid of food safety paperwork and makes sure all your records are accurate and accessible at any time

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Safeguard your ratings, reputation and income - keep on top of food safety all day, every day.

Worry less - be confident what should be being done is being done, whether you are on site or not.

Be EHO ready - demonstrate HACCP compliance and be confident your business is inspection-ready, always.

Out of the box simplicity - for businesses using the Safer Food Better Business book, Checkit Solo is ready to switch on and go.

Fully customisable - not just using SFBB? Want to manage more than just food safety? No problem.

Solutions scale as you grow - start with our Solo Edition for one site, upgrade to add sites or add wireless temperature monitoring.

Case studies - Takeaway and restaurant

"We installed Checkit and it has completely changed the way we run things for the better."
"From the management point of view, Checkit saves a lot of time. Before, I had to spend a lot of time managing the paperwork."
Wyn Williams, owner Tir a Mor Fish and Chips

"Our checks are done in half the time, saving a lot of admin and paper."
"It makes life much easier and gives you the confidence that everything is in place for our next inspection."
Viresh Patel, owner Gourmet Burger and Fries

"Digital Food Safety Systems are becoming increasingly important as they allow business to save time, money and meet the hygiene standards that customers rightly demand"

Nina Purcell, Director of Regulatory Delivery and Wales Food Standards Agency.

Three reasons why your business is better with Checkit


Keep your food hygiene rating high

Bad news spreads like wildfire and a low rating or food hygiene problem can destroy a business. Checkit keeps your food safety back covered


food safety

When it’s busy in the kitchen it’s easy to miss checks or forget to fill in paperwork. With Checkit you know food safety checks are being done – even when you’re not on the premises


Save time and ditch paperwork

Checkit is a food inspector approved digital food safety management system. Once you’ve experienced Checkit you’ll never go back to paper diaries or checklists.

Produced in partnership with Cambridge City Council food safety team

Checkit and Cambridge City Council partner to transform UK food safety

Produced in partnership with Cambridge City Council food safety team, Checkit builds upon the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food Better Business. Through a Primary Authority Partnership, Cambridge City Council has approved the use of the Checkit as a food safety management system enabling all food businesses to benefit from improved control, visibility and compliance.

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Work Management

The amazing Checkit Memo

  • Prompts and guides staff how to carry out food safety tasks
  • Comes with pre-installed Safer Food Better Business checklists created by food inspectors
  • Completed tasks are time stamped and sent to the cloud
  • Records are automatically created and always accurate
  • No paper. No missed checks. No worries.

The incredibly smart Checkit temperature probe

  • Always accurate temperature readings and corrective actions automatically time-stamped and stored in the cloud
  • Extensive temperature range from chilled products to hot frying oil
  • Fully immersible in water and detergent at 65°C
  • 30,000 readings battery life
  • BioCote® anti-microbial coating

Wireless Automated Monitoring

Save staff time and food wastage with smart wireless monitoring

  • Replaces countless manual checks and hours of staff time with continuous, accurate measurements that are sent to the cloud 24/7.
  • Reduce wastage – ensuring fridges and freezers maintain the correct temperature
  • Identify maintenance issues early – alerting you to faults in your equipment
  • Simplify HACCP compliance – improving control and reducing your workload

Checkit automated wireless monitoring

Checkit digital food safety management system control panel

Delightfully simple reporting

Fantastic. Now you can say good bye to time spent completing, checking and filing food safety paperwork – just log-on to your Checkit Control Centre, on any device, any time.

Checkit automatically creates your food safety records as staff complete tasks… and alerts you if checks are missed or overdue.

Choose the options to suit your food business

Checkit Solo for single site businesses


Simple out of the box food safety for businesses using Safer Food Better Business


Adds the ability to create your own checklists for any task or process

Monthly contract

£200 set up
£20 per month

£200 set up
£25 per month

Annual contract (paid annually in advance)

£200 set up
£200 per year

£200 set up
£250 per year

1 Memo, 1 probe, plus all software, SFBB checklist and storage. 1 Memo, 1 probe, plus all software, ability to create checklists and storage.

All prices exclude VAT

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From independent restaurants, takeaways and mobile caterers to schools, hotels and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.