The Checkit Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership

About the partnership

The Checkit Food Safety Group and Cambridge City Council have formed a Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership to enable the development of a new digital alternative to paper-based food safety management systems and specifically to develop a digital alternative to the Safer Food Better Business pack. The partnership has enabled Checkit to work with senior Food Inspectors at Cambridge City Council to refine the Checkit product features and to develop a pre-completed Safer Food Better Business pack with an accompanying set of standardised checklists in digital formal to enable data collection. These features are available in the form of Checklists that can be used in the Checkit product and provide a simple, ready to use food safety management solution in a format that’s familiar to all Food Inspectors.

The partnership provides support and guidance to food businesses following SFBB implemented on Checkit.  It currently only applies to customers operating in England.

If you are a Checkit customer and satisfy the above, you’re eligible to become a member of the Checkit Food Safety Group and receive the benefits of the Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership directly to support your business.

Checkit Food Safety Group: membership benefits

When you become a member of the Checkit Food Safety Group, you can benefit from advice and guidance from the Primary Authority in response to specific questions Checkit raises on your behalf.

Where this takes the form of “Assured Advice” it should be available to your EHO through the government’s Primary Authority Partnership portal.  In particular this includes the advice that Checkit’s SFBB implementation is a valid way to conform with the Food Standards Agency’s SFBB.

If your EHO has any questions about your use of Checkit for SFBB, the existence of this advice and your membership of the Group should be drawn to their attention.

How to request support

You can request support at any time from the Coordinated Primary Authority Partnership simply by contacting the Checkit Customer Support Team online, via email or phone when required.

Support requests will be actioned by Checkit or Cambridge City Council personnel as applicable. Urgent support requests will be processed within 1 working day. Standard support requests will be processed within 3 working days.

Sharing of information

Membership of the Group will involve sharing some data with Government to confirm your membership.  Your agreement to this and our handling of the data are set out in our terms and conditions.

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