Customer quotes and testimonials

Find out what our customers are saying about Checkit and the benefits they are seeing. For a more indepth overview you can download some of our customer case studies.

Laboratory: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - Blood Sciences

“We reviewed various electronic monitoring systems and meet with a range of suppliers. We chose Checkit because they were able to deliver on all of our key requirements.

“We are able to anticipate potential failures of fridges and freezers by reviewing temperature trends using the Checkit software, meaning we don’t lose expensive stock in the event of a rare device failure.”

Richard Liversidge, Blood Sciences Service Lead

“We’ve been able to remove the requirement to store and archive paper-based temperature monitoring records and can now refer back to historical records quickly and easily without the need to sort through archives. This saves considerable time for senior staff performing investigations and audits as part of their routine duties.”

Daniel Carless, Quality Manager

Life sciences: Abcam

“With Checkit Automated Monitoring we set the rules. We have a wide range of different requirements and Checkit enables us to meet them all.”

“Checkit is so simple and easy to use. We are now able to monitor our key storage units, including ultracold temperatures down to -80°C, with a modern system. This helps us minimize the threat of losing temperature-critical samples.”

Edward Mole, Logistics Inventory Manager

Leisure: Center Parcs

“Each Checkit unit has saved an hours labour each day. That might not sound much, but when you talk about the UK business operation it represents over than 20,000 hours per year.”

“We can now reinvest saved time back on the business, improving controls and training people.”

Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager

Food manufacturing: BJ Sauces, NI

“Moving into our new factory, Checkit has helped us create a high-quality system which ties together process and product with paperless traceability.”

“The new range of products required allergen checks, really in-depth stuff, but it was no problem with Checkit. That goes for all our compliance needs, from HACCP to our recent third-party SALSA accreditation.”

“Paper reporting was tedious and time-consuming. Checkit doesn’t just save us enormous amounts of space in the office, it’s also a live system. Our auditors have never seen anything like it before; we report more accurately, with better discipline than ever. It’s simple: cloud storage is better.”

Brian Agnew MBE, Managing Director

Contract catering: Compass Group UK and Ireland

“The benefits of moving away from the paper-based way of managing food safety were evident from the start.”

“Compared to paper records, Checkit is a real timesaver. Staff don’t need to spend time filling in paperwork, they have more time to focus on their core duties.”

Customer safety and satisfaction is our number one priority and we are pleased to have found a solution that successfully helps us uphold these values.”

Christopher Moore, HSE Director for B&I

Restaurant group: Jamie's Italian

“As we reviewed our operations we realised that we – like much of the industry – were still running key processes in our restaurants using paper. As we move the business forward, we want to free up our staff to focus on cooking great food and focusing on customers.  At the same time we need to ensure that all our sites operate to the highest of standards. Checkit will let us do both.”

Ed Loftus, F&B Director

Food processing: Bakkavor -  Cucina Sano

“Checkit has reduced the routine workload of the QA team, releasing resource to expand capability in other areas.”

“Checkit introduces a new degree of control, while also saving money through improvements in equipment energy efficiency.”

“With Checkit in place, our engineers can analyse the data and determine problems quickly, implementing a much faster fix.”

Quality Assurance Team

Restaurant group: Inamo

“We receive real-time notifications when a task has been missed, which enables us to respond immediately and find out why it was not carried out.”

We have saved costs as previously we had to use an external storage company which was expensive and inconvenient.”

“Checkit has had a hugely positive impact on daily operations at Inamo, making staff more efficient and giving managers the visibility they need whether they are on-site or not.”

Lee Skinner, Chief Executive

Hotel: One Aldwych, London

Checkit saves about an hour of staff time each day, just by not having to write everything down.”

The big saving is the cloud itself. Now I don’t have to trail through masses of paperwork to keep on top of everything, we can instantly see what has been missed and correct it straight away.”

“We quickly found out how much more you can do with Checkit, and we now use it to manage all our health and safety procedures and cleaning schedules, as well as temperature checks for cooked meat and hot water.”

Dominic Teague, Executive Chef

Education: Robinson College, Cambridge

Automatically scheduling work for team members makes our teams much more efficient, safeguarding our reputation for food safety & good practice.”

Improved management visibility of compliance has given us confidence the right things are being done at the right time.”

Gary Dougan - Head Chef

Healthcare: Integrated Pathology Partnerships (iPP)

“We now have an enhanced multi-site monitoring system working 24/7. It not only provides us with comprehensive data for compliance purposes but allows us to respond in real time if and when situations arise.”

With Checkit we save staff time daily whilst getting real-time, high-quality data.”

“It’s a compliant solution that meets with laboratory standards and aids staff and process efficiency.”

Matthew Barnett, Essential Laboratory Manager

Education: University of Winchester

Checkit has helped free up over 28 hours of staff time each month, which staff can now spend on core duties.”

Basically, Checkit can work in any area where the process requires time-sensitive checks to be recorded, it’s a no-brainer really.”

Dave Morton, Catering Operations Manager