Checkit for Contract Catering

For Contract Caterers, success relies on driving improvements in business efficiency while enhancing the overall service that’s delivered to clients – and then proving it with robust reporting.

Checkit delivers on this need, bringing top to bottom control of routine work linked to real-time business intelligence and visibility.

Few industries are as focused on fine details as contract catering. The logistics of managing daily operations across multiple sites demands attention to a vast eco-system of processes, reporting mechanisms and routines.

Checkit helps caterers to address key challenges

  • Maintaining high standards of compliance and service across contracts
  • Coping with organisational complexity and high staff turnover
  • Demonstrating a commitment to innovation and openness to clients
  • Delivering value through efficient working and minimising waste
  • Supporting staff with the right tools to let them be as efficient as possible
  • Making regional and account management teams responsive and efficient


How can Checkit help?


Checkit provides continual insights across your business

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring which capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy.  Operational Insight pulls this data together into usable business intelligence that gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation.

Top to bottom control, management and visibility in real time

For front line staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. For supervisors it automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers it creates broad control and consistency, providing continual insights across the business.


Manage and monitor performance in real time

Customer experience and safety depends on many routine tasks being done right, every time. Paper systems just aren’t up to the job.

Checkit Work Management takes care of this, enabling you to schedule tasks through a cloud based system that alerts, prompts and guides your staff to carry them out, step-by-step, improving quality of service, reducing risk and training costs.

  • Interactive checklists actively prompt staff to perform tasks when and where they are required
  • Identify problems and issues for attention without always needing to be on site
  • Frees time to focus on customers, not administration
  • Gives management real time visibility of performance and compliance trends


Save staff time and food wastage with smart wireless monitoring

Checkit smart sensors provide wireless real-time monitoring and recording of multiple conditions including temperature, humidity, equipment and door closing from a single cloud system.

  • Save time, money and hours of staff time by continuously monitoring fridge, freezer and chilled cabinet temperatures, 24/7
  • Cut food wastage by keeping fridges and freezers at optimum temperatures
  • Real-time alerts identify maintenance issues and faulty equipment early, whether you are on or off site


Understand business performance and trends

Operational Insight pulls together data from Work Management and Automated Monitoring into usable business intelligence for managers.

This gives an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation, making regional and national managers more productive and able to manage more effectively remotely.

  • Is work being done on time?
  • Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues?
  • Are processes running within specification?
  • Is equipment available and operating?

Checkit makes sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.


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Manage service delivery in real time

Checkit supports standard setting and monitoring for key aspects of contract catering including:, food safety, health and safety, cleaning, equipment monitoring, supplier performance and site management.

The result is improved business performance:


  • Retain and secure contracts through demonstration of innovation, openness and efficiency gains
  • Deliver consistently and demonstrably against contract goals to improve client satisfaction, account management and reduce penalties


  • Save time on checks, admin and travel
  • Improve training and onboarding; make moving staff between sites and contracts simpler
  • Reduce stock loss from poor temperature control


  • Improve control over statutory risks; simplify passing audits and inspections
  • Enforce and continuously monitor group standards
  • Identify issues early to avoid escalation

What our customers are saying

“Compared to paper records, Checkit is a real timesaver. Staff don’t need to spend time filling in paperwork, they have more time to focus on their core duties.


Customer safety and satisfaction is our number one priority and we are pleased to have found a solution that successfully helps us uphold these values.”

Christopher Moore, HSE Director for B&I. Compass Group UK and Ireland







It allows us to be much more proactive than the old paper-based system, as previously we wouldn’t find out about an issue until after it happened, or even a few days later. With Checkit we know exactly when it is happening and we can take action straight away.”

Caitlin McArthur, Contract Catering Team Manager - Sodexo


“When the unforeseen happens, like a power failure for example, Checkit allows the Sodexo team to implement ‘Hold, Plan and Act’ timely resilience plans.

Bill Hui, Group Head of Safety and Risk - Sodexo Justice UK&I


Sodexo Bedford School catering team

Business intelligence dashboards and Operational Insight from Checkit

A few of our delighted customers

From luxury hotels to independent restaurants, food manufactures, hospitals and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.