Compass Group leads the digital revolution in the contract catering industry

Ensuring staff efficiency and consistency in quality of service between multiple sites is a constant challenge for the contract catering industry. With business reputation built upon dedication to delivering an excellent experience every time, regardless of the venue, there is no margin for error. But how can managers be sure that staff are doing all the tasks required to ensure that all sites meet the highest possible standards?

Compass Group, the leading provider of contract catering services in the UK and Ireland, resolved the issue by leveraging the possibilities of IoT technology to optimise compliance and take service delivery to the next level.

Operating in a number of prominent locations including ASDA, Mothercare and Ocado, it is essential for the company to safeguard its reputation from the damage caused by non-compliance, inconsistency and poor service.

Using Checkit’s innovative digital food safety management technology, Compass Group has successfully revolutionised the way it manages food hygiene and compliance. By replacing ineffective paper records with a cloud-based model, the company has gained real-time visibility over the status of food hygiene compliance across all sites.

All compliance processes that were previously recorded using paper reports, are now managed through the cloud-based control centre. As soon as staff complete the daily compliance checks, the results are automatically time-stamped and transferred to the cloud for safe storage, where they can be instantly accessed by managers. If a task is missed, the management team are immediately alerted and can take steps to correct the issue. This provides unrivalled insight into current and historical performance of each site and has allowed Compass Group to optimise the efficiency of its staff and processes.

The company now has tighter control over its operation across all sites, with due diligence levels rising and insurance costs coming down. Digitising the daily reporting has improved both accuracy and efficiency, with staff spending less time on manual reporting and management benefiting from gaining greater visibility. Some core processes relating to quality and safety are now being reviewed and adjusted, based on the insights gained from the digital system.

With this approach, Compass Group is setting the bar for the catering industry. It is clear to see that the future of food safety is digital, because in an increasingly competitive industry there is no room for uncertainty when it comes to compliance.


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