Checkit for Care Homes

Care homes face unprecedented challenges with increasing costs, tough Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards, enforced by regular inspections, while still needing to provide the standard of care that residents require.

Checkit enables Care home managers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and safeguard resident safety, now and in the future.

Safeguard residents’ care

Improve efficiency, quality and compliance

In an industry where staff turnover is high and wages low, the ability to enforce and record food, hygiene and safety, such as ensuring food and medicines have been taken correctly, is of utmost importance.

Checkit solves this, enabling you to schedule tasks and monitor staff compliance through a cloud based system that alerts, prompts and guides your staff to carry them out, step-by-step, improving efficiency and quality of care.

Food Safety

Move from paper to Checkit to protect your residents and food hygiene rating

Care home catering has to meet the strictest standards. This is how Checkit helps you

  • Control HACCP compliance from the top down
  • Standardise food safety and hygiene procedures
  • Ensure hygiene codes of practice
  • Automated monitoring of critical temperatures
  • Early warnings of non-compliance
  • Paperless EHO approved audit-ready records for inspections
cambridge city council

Approved by Food Enforcement Officers

Produced in partnership with and endorsed by Cambridge City Council food safety team as an approved food safety management system, Checkit builds upon the Food Standards Agency's Safer Food Better Business. This landmark Primary Authority Partnership has been created to help all food businesses to achieve better food safety and hygiene ratings.

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Hygiene Management

Hygiene is vital for care homes whose elderly residents are potentially vulnerable to infections if standards are not met. Checkit ensures all cleaning tasks are carried out the right way, with an audit trail of who did what, where and when.

  • Cleaning schedules are uploaded via a cloud-based control centre
  • Staff are alerted and guided to carry out tasks step-by-step
  • Completed work is automatically time-stamped and recorded in the cloud for audit-ready reporting and compliance

Interactive Digital Checklists

Safe guard resident safety. Improve compliance

Every resident has different needs for care and medication. Regular checks have to be carried out to safeguard residents and ensure food and medicines have been taken correctly. This needs to happen at specific times and in particular ways for every individual.

Checkit replaces paper-based systems with a centralised, interactive cloud-based way of managing the multitude of critical tasks that staff need to do on a daily basis. Completed activities are recorded, timestamped and automatically uploaded to the cloud, providing a full audit trail for managers, relatives and doctors.

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Cloud Reporting

If things go wrong it is imperative that fast, effective action is taken and managers quickly alerted. Checkit dramatically reduces management and reporting burden enabling managers to run a more efficient care home and take control of the essential tasks and procedures involved in resident’s care including food safety, hygiene, medical emergencies, drug administration and facilities management.

  • 24/7 visibility of teams and compliance tasks at multiple locations
  • Real-time alerts and early warnings of non-compliance
  • 100% paperless audit-ready records
  • Consistent codes of practice

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