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How technology can help pour the perfect pint

The below content was written prior to May 2020 when Checkit launched a new website. This coincided with the use of updated terminology for solutions, concepts and company names. The companies Tutela, Axon and Next Control Systems are now Checkit. Checkit’s Real-time Operations Management is now referred to as Connected Workflow Management, Tutela solutions are now referred to as Automated Monitoring +, and Axon/Next Control Systems solutions are now referred to as Connected Building Management.

New report by Vianet and Cask Marque estimates that the pub industry is losing a shocking £709m a year in value due to lack of temperature monitoring equipment and insufficient maintenance of existing equipment.

The report reveals that these issues are holding back the growth of the sector and that, despite repeated warnings, many retailers appear still not to have heard the message. This non-compliance to quality standards is even more surprising in the light of the 2016 Beer Quality survey which showed that 95% of customers would stop visiting a pub if the beer quality was poor.

Keeping the cellar cool and serving the beer at the right temperature is crucial to quality. However, the report shows that a third of the cellars examined were outside the recommended temperature specifications due to poor cooling equipment or lack of temperature monitoring. One in four pubs had a major temperature issue last year, serving warm or freezing beer as a result of cellar issues. These findings suggest that pub managers are losing potential sales by not serving beer at the correct temperature and not checking and maintaining the equipment, such as lines, as often as they should.

Technology can help solve this problem and enable the retailers to deliver their costumers great quality beer at the right temperature. Automated temperature monitoring can be used to monitor cellar and fridge temperatures, and automated alerts can be set to notify management if the temperature is outside the pre-approved parameters. A monitoring system, such as Checkit, allows managers to access all the temperature readings remotely, across multiple sites, allowing potential problems to be identified early and corrective action taken before any stock is damaged. Automated monitoring systems also free up valuable staff time, as employees no longer need to complete the repetitive checks manually.

The Cask Marque research concludes that 60% of consumers would rather be offered a small selection of beers that meet high quality standards than have access to a wider choice of average quality. These findings suggest that by focusing on quality, not quantity, pub managers can not only reduce waste but also ensure that customers get to enjoy the perfect pint, every time.

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