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How Checkit can help food outlets protect brand reputation

The below content was written prior to May 2020 when Checkit launched a new website. This coincided with the use of updated terminology for solutions, concepts and company names. The companies Tutela, Axon and Next Control Systems are now Checkit. Checkit’s Real-time Operations Management is now referred to as Connected Workflow Management, Tutela solutions are now referred to as Automated Monitoring +, and Axon/Next Control Systems solutions are now referred to as Connected Building Management.

In this increasingly litigious world it’s important to have robust checks in place to ensure that food in your restaurant, cafe or fast-food outlet is being cooked at the right temperature so there is no risk to your customers.

Keeping efficient and secure records is also essential for those times that a customer returns to your store claiming they got food poisoning from eating your fried chicken!

If they go ahead and sue this can do terrible damage to your brand’s reputation, with the story sticking in customers’ minds long after the costly process is all wrapped up for you and the claimant. Next time they buy chicken, they cross the road to your competitors’ store instead.

But it can be difficult to strike a balance between the need to comply with ever stricter health and safety regulations and the amount of time it takes to maintain the records. Your staff have to spend time walking round the kitchen with a pen and clipboard, conducting regular checks, when they could be cooking or serving customers. This is where the Checkit wireless monitoring system comes in.

There are three key ways in which they can help you monitor the temperature of your food and keep accurate data, helping you save money in the short term and avoid the risk to your brand from costly litigation further down the line.

Fixed Checkit sensors provide continuous, automated cold storage monitoring and data collection for HACCP compliance, removing human error and improving the accuracy of your records.
Smart handheld sensors ensure all food temperature and hygiene checks are user-authenticated and time stamped, while automatic download to a centralised database ensures complete data records at all times.
Secure, electronic food safety data is permanently stored with a full audit trail to protect against litigation in the event of a food-borne illness.

For more information on Checkit and how it can help protect your brand’s reputation, please get in touch.

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