Technology provides a great opportunity for improving how the NHS delivers its services. And this was recognised in the NHS Long Term Plan, published in 2019, with a whole chapter of the plan dedicated to digitally-enabled care.  

Technology can provide a new and modern way for providing faster, safer and more convenient care. Digitally-enabled care can empower healthcare staff to act and communicate better. This is achieved by providing greater connectivity, providing staff with greater confidence in test results, history and the evidence they need to make the best decisions for patients. 

The digital transformation of the NHS is being driven by NHSX, and is set to be the largest digital health and social care transformation programme in the world. The NHSX have five missions, which are focused on how to make things better for patients and staff.  

How Checkit supports the NHSX digital transformation programme 

Here at Checkit, we are proud that our temperature monitoring can support the fundamental goals set by the NHSX. Below we have detailed how our technology aligns to the NHSX five missions, demonstrating how our automated alarm monitoring can support staff in providing quality assured care for patients: 

Reducing the burden on clinicians and staff, so they can focus on patients 

Our Connected Automated Monitoring replaces paper and manual processes with quick, secure, connected systems. Freeing up time to spend on patient critical tasks. Through automated monitoring and 24/7/365 alarming, health care staff can be assured of maintaining compliance for the safe storage of medicines, bloods and patient samples. 

Giving people the tools to access information and services directly 

Data gathered by our systems can be accessed securely via any device that has internet connectivity. Our interface utilises ‘https’ electronic banking standard data encryption protocols. This provides the highest level of security to our customers. The user interface is also easy to configure and use. Multiple sites in acute, primary and community care can be monitored. This produces data for all, allowing for improved efficiency and transference of best practice.

Ensuring clinical information can be safely accessed, wherever it is needed

Building public trust and confidence in how health and care services look after confidential information and use it to continually improve care is of paramount importance. Our system is ISO27001 data security compliant. Data on the correct condition and storage of medicines is essential to support people in making the correct health and care choicesNot only does the Checkit data platform give advanced warning of any potential threats to the compliance of the inventory, it provides unparalleled insight into the whole monitored environment. 

Improving patient safety across the NHS 

Providing patient lead care is paramount and when it comes to the safe storage of medicines, bloods and samples an automated monitoring system can provide real value. With manual systems it’s not possible to determine how long the stock was exposed to the out of spec temperature. So, the only safe option is to bin the stock. Yet with our Connected Automated Monitoring +, supported by 24/7/365 alarmed notification, valuable stock is protected. This ensures patients and the NHS get the best value from investment in medicines and pharmacy, whilst making prescribing and dispensing safer. 

Improving NHS productivity with digital technology 

Checkit has built a reliable IT service with solid infrastructure over the last 25 year that health and care professionals rely on every day. Our Automated Monitoring + solution complies with and is approved for the NHS network protocol for security N3 / HSCN. With Checkit as a preferred NHS Supply Chain partner we offer value in terms of protecting stock and value in terms of admin time saved, so contributing to greater productivity.  

In conclusion, Checkit’s Connected Automated Monitoring provides the data services that are essential for building medicine and biology asset protection – protection which is more efficient, better connected and smarter than manual inspection. Our temperature monitoring systems and associated data support the NHS in delivering digitally-enabled care,.