Relying on paperwork to monitor and manage daily operations in service businesses can create potentially dangerous blind spots. However, rapid technology evolution presents businesses with greater visibility and control than ever before.

The advent of cloud computing, mobile devices and internet-enabled sensors have given rise to solutions that weren’t previously possible. We now have a new generation of technology that is able to reach into service operations and sweep away these lingering paper-based management systems.

So how come – when business applications are widespread – this situation persists?  The answer is that it’s difficult. Getting it right involves the right combination of:

  • Ease of use – for staff members and managers who want to work without being slowed down
  • Speed to deploy and pay back – without long implementation projects
  • Flexibility – so solutions can change and grow, without having to wait for an IT project
  • Mobility – so teams can enter and use data whenever wherever they are working
  • Power – to combine and analyse millions of data points and store them reliably and safely in your management system
  • Price – enabling new capabilities without large upfront investment and hidden extras

Checkit is at the forefront of this trend and with the launch of our new Operational Insight capability, has created a powerful Connected Workflow Management solution that delivers the essential building blocks required:

From the ground level up, the cloud-based management system helps businesses improve productivity, whilst reducing the time traditionally taken up by management admin. Frontline staff use a mobile device to log daily tasks in an intuitive app, with the results recorded in the cloud. Supervisors can automatically allocate and schedule work through adaptable dashboards, and receive notifications of any anomalies in daily performance, enabling any issues to be addressed immediately. At a higher level, managers can view the real-time and historic performance of sites to gain continual insights, improve processes and ensure consistency in the standards of service delivered across the business.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness”, said American market research innovator Arthur Nielsen several decades ago. His words still hold true today.

Having easy access to essential business information enables better decision-making and quick responses. In a changing world, the businesses that are able to draw on their performance data are better positioned to leverage new opportunities, protect the existing business and prepare for future challenges.