Real-time work management brings enormous benefits to the way organisations handle routine workflows, tasks and business processes, compared with traditional approaches.

Yes, this means a happier bottom line, but equipping staff with the right business process management software – and the skills to use it – brings value to the whole business.

Let’s see how Connected Workflow Management works out for:

  • Frontline, customer-facing staff
  • Supervisors and line managers
  • Operational, regional, and corporate managers

Productivity for frontline staff

Workers have it tough. Constant workplace pressures and limited resources place increasing demands on teams and individuals. If processes and workflows are unclear, with inadequate training, it becomes harder to do the job properly.

For data-driven organisations, this can be particularly damaging. 70% of lost or corrupted data comes down to human error. Research from global analytics firm IDC claims losses caused by human error cost the US and UK economies as much as $37 billion each year.

However, leading management theory is waking up to the idea that much of what gets written off as the mistakes of frontline staff is really a matter of policy and procedure.

The Council of Europe’s revised guidelines for blood establishments will only accept an incident as human error when all potential process failures have been rigorously examined and ruled out. That level of analytical precision can be tough if your business uses paper spreadsheets, but Connected Workflow Management gives you the insight you need.

Recording input using digital checklists guides staff to a more precise, efficient way of working. Processes are clearer, while training is reinforced by prompts presented within the user interface.

This immediately makes it easier to carry out frontline duties, reducing errors and corner-cutting. But even better, it allows precise tracking of how processes happen, so workers no longer unfairly shoulder the blame if workflow management isn’t up to standard.

Efficiency for supervisors

Line managers, floor supervisors and their peers all perform best when they’re actively engaged in leading teams. Unfortunately, most find themselves bogged down in tracking performance and compliance using outdated tools.

Without the time to provide quality coaching, they become administrators, not leaders. Daily business suffers, along with career progression for themselves and their teams.

Investing in the right tools means more time spent developing staff, without sacrificing business intelligence and operational efficiency.

With a digital solution like Checkit, a unified control centre makes it easy to manage teams and deal with alerts when issues arise.

Alert handling creates a clear log of what needs attention, with a time-stamped trail of what’s been done. Built-in escalations draw attention to ongoing problems and issues.

Then, when it’s time to report, detailed analytics provide clear evidence of how the business is working, simplifying and accelerating audits and inspections.

As a result, supervisors spend more time supervising, with huge business benefits. Studies indicate that backing up training with regular quality coaching can boost productivity by up to 88%, compared to 23% from training alone.

Insight for the C-Suite

For the highest levels of management, the job remains to realise one cohesive vision and entrench a positive culture across multiple teams, silos, sites and countries.

The sheer scale of many organisation serves to complicate this paradigm. The board loses sight of daily business, while workers become alienated from strategy.

Connected Workflow Management comes to the rescue once again. A digital work management solution like Checkit provides one clear, centralised hub for control and visibility of emerging risks and trends.

Management can liaise with process owners, defining policy and deploying rapidly at scale, all with zero programming knowledge required.

But what if you need to act fast?

The ability to circumvent the chain of command, sending warnings and directions to teams instantly, allows you to proactively address emerging issues. Previously, senior management might not even know a problem exists until it’s too late to avert.

This all plugs into Checkit’s business intelligence dashboards. From there, you can make sense of millions of data points captured across your entire organisation. Business managers can benchmark performance and identify risks, trends and opportunities. Ultimately, you see how your strategic aspirations translate into daily business.

Checkit: your digital work management solution

Clarity for staff. Efficiency for supervisors. Insight for management. Connected Workflow Management brings immediate tangible benefits to all levels of operation.

Is your business ready to take the next step?

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