Technology can provide practical solutions for the busy pharmacist. Automated temperature monitoring, workflow management solutions  and digital record keeping can provide greater accuracy while freeing up staff time.

Checkit has a strong portfolio of products to support pharmacists with the correct storage of medicines and vaccines, including Connected Automated Monitoring and Connected Workflow Management, which digitises checklists for important routine processes. 

Remote automated monitoring 24/7 

Automated temperature monitoring provides a tried and trusted solution for tracking storage conditions 24/7/365. Storage data is collected, saved and backed up continuously. 

Manual checking routines make it difficult to determine how long stock may have been exposed to an out-of-spec temperature. The only safe option is to dispose of the stock – an added, preventable cost.

With an automated notification, you can take immediate action to save the stock by closing an open door, re-packing the fridge with proper circulation and space to allow the fridge to operate properly, or relocating the unit.

Preventing loss of stock is a high priority for pharmacy managers. It’s been estimated that £300m of stock is written off each year throughout the pharmacy healthcare provision. Examine your loss of stock in medicines for the last 12 months and you can see the savings possible from implementing an automated temperature monitoring system. 

Digitising process checklists 

As well as temperature checks, good pharmacy management can be supported with digital checklists. Using cloud-based technology, you can move day-to-day tasks away from paper-based records. Real-time digital checklists improve efficiency and consistency, freeing up staff to focus on value-adding activities. 

Today, organisations usually rely on digital systems for the data they need. But when it comes to guiding the actual work people do, many still rely on pen and paper. As a result, process adherence and compliance is patchy, with records that are not always reliable. Using technology to improve workflow management can bring efficiencies, whether for routines concerning medicine management or other processes that ensure patient safety. 

In conclusion 

Automating through technology, whether that be monitoring temperature sensitive storage or people driven processes, means you can free up staff time, allowing them to focus on quality patient care. 

Three key challenges addressed by automated temperature monitoring and digital checklists:

  • Free your team – there is no longer a requirement for frontline staff to conduct routine activities with paper-based records. 
  • Prevent loss of stock – 24/7/365 automated monitoring is a robust way to protect stock, often with a commercial value per fridge or freezer of over £50K on average. 
  • Protecting reputations – whether meeting your own standards or preparing for a GPhC inspection equipping frontline staff with the tools to enhance patient care is a worthwhile investment that reduces the risk of reputational damage.