12 advantages modern food safety record keeping

Demonstrating due diligence: advantages of the modern method

The below content was written prior to May 2020 when Checkit launched a new website. This coincided with the use of updated terminology for solutions, concepts and company names. The companies Tutela, Axon and Next Control Systems are now Checkit. Checkit’s Real-time Operations Management is now referred to as Connected Workflow Management, Tutela solutions are now referred to as Automated Monitoring +, and Axon/Next Control Systems solutions are now referred to as Connected Building Management.

This is the last post in our series on ‘Why Food Safety Records Matter‘. So far, we’ve looked at who’s responsible for food safety in businesses, what food safety records are required by law, how UK food safety law operates and how businesses can demonstrate ‘due diligence’.

In the most recent addition, we also discussed the problem with traditional, pen and paper record keeping. Today, we’re examining the modern approach to food safety and how technology is helping to improve both accuracy and efficiency.

New technology, which links wireless sensors, temperature probes and data loggers together with software designed to manage the collection, display and secure storage of food safety data, is now available to the food industry.

In contrast to the deficiencies highlighted in paper-based records, there are numerous advantages to the use of secure and reliable instrumental methods of data capture and digitized data storage.

Furthermore, when connected to the internet and cloudbased data storage, a digital food safety monitoring system can offer further advantages:

Beyond these advantages when it comes to proving due diligence, a digital system offers the additional benefit of making detailed data on the timing and extent of staff actions, as well as the status of stock and infrastructure, available for analysis, aiding the process optimization and other business objectives.

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