Monitoring for Healthcare and Lifesciences

Automated monitoring and digitised checklists offer great potential for reducing paper driven, manual processes. Saving staff time, mitigating costly errors and supporting compliance via audit ready reports.

Delivering tools for digitising key aspects of healthcare and lifesciences operations. Automating checks with wireless sensors, replacing paper checklists with smart apps and providing real-time insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

Intelligent Automated Monitoring

Save staff time, minimise wastage and prevent costly errors

Our offering for remote monitoring covers the Checkit and Tutela product ranges.

Checkit - monitoring for labs, healthcare, pharmacy and life sciences            Tutela Monitoring Systems - for Healthcare and Lifesciences

Through our Tutela range we are able to support complex compliance requirements for the correct storage of critical inventory. Tutela Monitoring Systems are certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001: 2015. Tutela fully meet the exacting requirements of the FDA CFR 21 part 11, and are compliant with regulatory bodies and medical associations including: UKAS accreditation, MHRA, HTA and are HSCN (N3) compliant.

With our Checkit sealed units, we are able to monitor storage across laboratory, ward, pharmacy, GP surgery. Providing a straight-forward solution for all healthcare settings.

Our comprehensive range of wireless real-time monitoring, from Tutela and Checkit can record multiple conditions including temperature, O2, CO2, humidity, air quality, liquid nitrogen, lab pressure, leak detection, equipment and door closing.

  • Save time, money and hours of staff time by monitoring temperatures, 24/7
  • Cut wastage by keeping fridges and freezers at optimum temperatures making sure valuable samples, products and consumables are always protected
  • Works offline making it ideal for deliveries and transferring assets around sites
  • Alerts identify issues and faulty equipment early, whether you are on or off site
  • Gain real-time multi-site visibility from any location
  • Centralise compliance, auditing and reporting

Interactive Digital Checklists

Smarter working improves performance

Healthcare runs on checklists, but printing checklists and manually entering the contents into healthcare IT systems is inefficient adding to costs, errors and unnecessarily tying up precious staff time. Checkit's interactive digital checklist system solves these issues.

Checkit replaces paper-based systems with a centralised, interactive cloud-based way of managing the multitude of important and critical tasks that staff are required to carry out on a daily basis. Such as sample tracking or surgical checklists for example.

Giving staff in healthcare settings a greater level of real-time monitoring and reporting – enabling smarter decision-making, risk reduction and more efficient allocation of skilled resources.


  • Every check tracked and recorded
  • Every action logged and accounted for
  • Every faulty fridge, freezer or incubator alerted


  • Saves staff time, slashes training time and minimises wastage
  • Cuts down site admin and lets staff get on with real work not paperwork


  • Improve control over statutory risks; simplify passing audits and inspections
  • Enforce and continuously monitor group standards from any location
  • Identify issues early to avoid escalation

What our customers are saying


“Checkit is so simple and easy to use. We are now able to monitor our key storage units, including ultracold temperatures down to -80°C, with a modern system. This helps us minimize the threat of losing temperature-critical samples.”

“With Checkit we set the rules. We have a wide range of different requirements and Checkit enables us to meet them all.”

Edward Mole, Logistics Inventory Manager. Abcam


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - Blood Sciences

“The Checkit system assisted in helping our department ensure that the reagents and patient samples that we analyse are accurately temperature monitored at all times. It’s now also possible for any member of our team to monitor all laboratory storage areas and devices at any time, at a glance, and from any location.
This level of control is vital in ensuring we’re able to provide the best possible service to patients and the clinical teams who care for them.”

Richard Liversidge, Blood Sciences Service Lead. Blood Sciences Department, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Checkit - top to bottom visibility of work as it happens

Whether you need an automated monitoring system, a complete compliance service or an intelligent platform that provides real-time control of teams, sites and processes - Checkit is guaranteed to improve performance.

Business intelligence dashboards and Operational Insight from Checkit

A few of our delighted customers

From luxury hotels to independent restaurants, food manufactures, hospitals and care homes, we have a solution for every type of food service business.


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